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Happy Halloween



I’m linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts!

  • Happy Halloween everyone! Can’t wait for tomorrow night to see all of the neighborhood kids all dressed up! I miss having little kids to take trick or treating and have resorted to making the Dog wear a stick on mustache. He was not a happy camper! I think he looks a little embarrassed. Treats were involved in the taking of this picture. He will do anything for one!

photo (55)


  • A friend from work had a great Halloween party this last weekend. I made an Oreo and cream cheese rat. He was very tasty even though a co-worker said he looked like a mole or possibly a hamster!! I thought he was really cute. If you want to make your own rat (mole or hamster) check out the instructions over at Hungry Happenings. The instructions are really good along with great step by step pictures.



  • One of my goals is to try one of the recipes that I have pinned on Pinterest each weekend & then report back to you all with the results. Was it as good as it looked, how did the family like it and would I make it again, etc. I really hope that happens this weekend.
  • I have not gotten any subscription boxes lately to review. :( I did win a giveaway from Crazy 4 Subscription Boxes. ┬áIt was a one month subscription box of nuts from Watanut. The nut mixes were really tasty and inventive. The monthly price really doesn’t fit into my budget right now or this is one that I would definitely subscribe to. Everything was very fresh & it is a Georgia company too. I am expecting some after the first of the month and can’t wait!

That’s it for this Thursday. Stay safe trick-or-treating and have a great Halloween!

trick or treat


A special thanks to Kelly J Sorenson for the free Halloween clip art that she posted through the Facebook design hop freebie!



  1. I love the rat!!! We ended up not going to Chipotle because we got to IHOP so late. No big deal, we weren’t hungry after our mega late lunch! Ours is in the mall, across from Costco (which is in the mall). We have a great mall!

  2. Your rat looks great! I’m happy you enjoyed making him and hope everyone enjoyed eating it too. Thanks for sharing a link to my site for the instructions.

  3. Linae says:

    You are lucky…I never win anything! I keep trying, though, and enter every giveaway I see. One day I’ll get lucky maybe? And the rat cake is awesome :)